One Fish, Two Fish

It’s The Fatigue Talking January 24, 2009

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Month Eight — leighnut @ 12:16 am

Conversations from the middle of the night, neither of which are remembered by the sleeping person:

It’s 3 a.m. Kristin wakes up patting the bed frantically and searching under the covers.
Rob wakes up, sees what she is doing and says: “Kristin, you put him in the crib.”
Kristin: I did WHAT?!?

Another night, 3 a.m. Kristin has been up with Sam since 11:30 p.m. Rob has been sleeping and snoring during that time. When Kristin finally returns to bed, having gotten Sam to sleep, Rob is pulling the back of his shirt up.
R: Can you scratch my back a little?
K: What?
R: Can you scratch my back? I’ve hardly slept at all.
K: [scratches back]
R: I’m just trying to help…
K: Help what?
R: Help me go to sleeeeep!


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