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You Were Wrong, Phil February 9, 2009

Filed under: Month Eight,Random Acts of Kindness — leighnut @ 1:46 pm

I’m pretty sure the ground hog was wrong and that spring has stormed in and taken over. I’m not complaining, though. I’m happy to call Phil out on his mistake.


One Response to “You Were Wrong, Phil”

  1. Becky Lindell Says:


    That groundhog should live in Minnesota. He is always “spot on” for this part of the country!! We are getting the treacherous freezing rain here in Moorhead today with snow to follow the next couple of days!! You should just SEE the snow that we have this winter–major flooding is quite likely. Our last 100-year flood was in 1997, so we really are NOT due, but…

    Keep writing!! I just LOVE to keep up with you and your family. Thanks for the Christmas card!!

    Love you,

    Becky (Stacey’s Mom) xo to Sam

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