One Fish, Two Fish

Nine-Month Appointment March 3, 2009

Filed under: Doctor-rama,Goofball,Month Nine,Sam — leighnut @ 11:13 am

Sam went to the pediatrician on Friday for his 9-month check-up. He had so much fun in the waiting room looking at the two babies that were waiting with us. He kept reaching for them and saying, “Ah!!” He seemed genuinely disappointed when one baby was called in for her appointment.

While we waited for Dr. Lane, Sam couldn’t believe that he was being allowed to rip the paper covering on the exam table. We tied a bandana around his head, he flung paper around. It was a goooood time! He had no fear of Dr. Lane or the nurse who gave him his polio vaccine. He’s a very social little creature. Even Dr. Lane commented on how happy and playful he was with her. She had nothing but good things to say about him and gave us some advice on bedtime routines and eating (he should be eating all solid foods by his first birthday!!). And here are the measurements:

30 inches long (over the 95th percentile!)
21 lbs. 10 oz. (just under the 75th percentile)

Apparently, if all stays the same, he’s going to be tall and skinny — like a certain father of his. 🙂

So all is well and he doesn’t return until he’s a year old. Weird, huh? How fast time goes…


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