One Fish, Two Fish

Table Food March 10, 2009

Filed under: Month Nine,Sam — leighnut @ 1:25 pm

In February, we were gently admonished by the pediatrician that we hadn’t yet started giving him more table food. She said, “He should be eating primarily table food by the time he’s a year. You need to get started.” And so we have. And Sam is pretty happy about the whole thing. I think he was bored with baby food. In fact, he’d prefer that a baby spoon never touch his lips again. (But a big-person spoon! Yes! He’ll have more of that, thank you.) So. What has Sam tried? Well, he’s had elbow macaroni with a little bit of butter, Cheerios soaked in a little milk to soften them, chunks of banana and avocado, shredded cheese (his new favorite thing in life), veggies cooked beyond recognition (his favorites are those that have come out of soup), graham crackers (another new favorite).

Just when I had the baby food down to a science, he’s on to something new. Now, I don’t know what consists of a good meal. Did he get enough? I give up when he’s throwing his head around and smearing food all over his tray. I figure he knows better than I do when he’s full. He hasn’t been introduced to the Super Sized Nation yet. 🙂


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