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The Perils of Unsteady Walking March 23, 2009

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Sam’s walking confidence has blossomed since he took his first steps on Friday. He loves to try out his new skill whenever he can. When we try to help him by offering our hands, he’ll grab a finger in each hand, steady himself, then let go and walk holding onto one finger. Many times he’ll drop that last finger and go it alone. This often leads to spills and awkward moments. His face is getting well-acquainted with the floor, the grass, the spongy playground turf.

Today, for example, he was showing off to Lucy a little 12-month-old we met at the park, and totally face-planted into the hard rubber edge of the playground. I think he cried more for his wounded pride than his smashed face. I gave him a squeeze and checked for blood, then sent him on his way. He still prefers to hook babies in the mouth like a small-mouth bass, but will take redirection without a mini tantrum.

And then there was the awkward moment with the Gap employee last week. I was helping Sam walk with one hand, when he made a beeline for a very short employee. (She must have looked like a kid to him.. Kids fascinate him.) When he got to her, he lunged for her legs, and buried his face in her crotch. (She was short! It was head-high for Sam!) She jumped back, exclaiming, “Oooh hohoho!” while holding onto Sam. I was trying to reach for him without grabbing her hmm-hmm. It was awkward for everyone. The employee was flustered, but happy to play with him. And I was extremely happy that she didn’t let him fall face-first into the tile, even though he was reaching for the goods mouth first. What a peach.

There are more falls and awkward times in his future. Hopefully the falls will be few and relatively painless. And, well, junior high is coming, so… awkward times here we come!


One Response to “The Perils of Unsteady Walking”

  1. G/G P Says:

    Sam….Grandpa and I can hardly wait to see you walk! We’re trying to cover up some of the sharp corners. And- we have a big boy crib for you to enjoy. The little crib went to live next door at Betty’s. She is expecting her first great-grandbaby to visit this summer.

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