One Fish, Two Fish

Horns April 16, 2009

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Remember when I predicted that Sam was going to experience his share of bumps and bruises? Yeah, he’s there. Here is some photographic evidence from April 7th:


See that big red circle on his forehead, the lump in profile? Yeah. At 5:00 p.m. I had to pee. (Does this relate to the bump? Yes, it does. Read on.) Sam was standing in the bathroom with me as I was readying myself to do the deed, when he fell over. I can only assume that a light breeze wafted through the bathroom at that very moment to knock him over, because he wasn’t actually moving when he fell. He slammed his head on the bottom drawer’s knob. It happened in what felt like slow motion. I was reaching for him, yelling, “nnnnoooooooo!!” and didn’t get there in time. He scrambled to his knees. I scrambled to my feet and snatched him up into my arms. He was wailing, eyes scrunched tightly shut. I danced and kissed him out into the kitchen, where he quit crying. Quit breathing. Turned a bright shade of purple. Literally. My dancing turned to panic, “Breathe, Sam, breathe. Breathe!” I finally blew into his face to make him take a breath. I opened the freezer, grabbed for the ice pack, and ended up with a bag of frozen peas. He wouldn’t let me apply the peas to the growing welt on his forehead. We retreated to the living room for some snuggles and book-reading.

Fast forward four hours. Now it is 9:00 p.m.


Notice the purple welt on his cheek. And the great height to which it swelled. This time he was hurtling down the front hallway toward the kitchen door, getting safely to the end, but falling on the turn. This time it was cheek versus metal door hinge. The door hinge won. I was in the kitchen behind the closed door. Rob was in the living room. I heard a thump, then a pause, then a scream. He cried and cried. Rob danced and soothed. This time, he did not quite breathing and turn purple. His cheek did, though. A week later, he still has a little purplish spot where he hit it. That soft tissue, man. It just doesn’t hold up against the metal.

The moral of the story? Sam gets clumsy as he gets tired. Watch him like a hawk and hope you get there in time to catch him.

The end.


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