One Fish, Two Fish

Dear Sophie April 26, 2009

Filed under: Baby,Goofball,Month Eleven,Sam — leighnut @ 11:27 pm

Thank you for the nice letter. I had so much fun and also learned a lot from you.

1. It’s super fun to play with you and I was sad when you left.
2. Playing Bam! Bam! on tables is more fun when I get to do it with you.
3. Sharing toys is hard.
4. Snatching toys out of your hands is easy (even though you started fighting back!).
5. Babbling is fun. All the cool kids are doing it.
6. Having shrieking contests is even more fun!
7. Giving kisses to girl cousins is the best, especially when they are of the french variety.

I am crossing all my fingers and toes that I get to see you again soon!



One Response to “Dear Sophie”

  1. abigail Says:

    later on they are going to read about kissing when they were babies and they are going to be grossed out.

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