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Silence May 7, 2009

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You may have noticed the marked decrease in blog posts here on Sam I Am. It’s true, I haven’t been writing as much (ok, not even close) as I used to. The thing is, I’ve been spending the last month chasing after a little boy with more energy than he knows what to do with, and blogging is low on the priority totem pole when I have a break. I just haven’t felt like writing.

And it’s not like there isn’t anything to write about. There is! My mom (newly christened as Nonny), Christine, and Sophie came to visit. And it was soooo fun. Sam and Sophie are hysterical together. Sam kisses her all day long, takes away every toy she tries to play with, and generally causes mayhem on and around her. Fortunately, she’s a tough cookie and fights-grabs-pokes back as much as she can. There’s no doubt that she is going to be an equal adversary in a year or so. It would behoove Sam to watch his back. And probably his front, too. She’s wily, that Sophie. 🙂

Then there’s that little thing called We’re-moving-to-Michigan. Rob accepted a position at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. All three of us went to MI for Rob’s interview (no, not to the actual interview, but wouldn’t that have been funny) and felt seriously at home in south central Michigan. It’s waaaaay closer to our families and it’s a great opportunity for Rob to build the voice program that he has always dreamed of. It’s going to be great. We will not live in Ypsilanti, because who really wants to spell that on a regular basis? No, it’s because the school system isn’t that great and this is something that we have to think about now. Ann Arbor or Saline, MI will be our new home. Two great school districts, two great communities. All fifteen minutes from Ypsi. Yes, Ypsi. We are trying out the lingo.

And Bumpa is sick. He has cancer and it’s not a pretty picture. Sam and I were there for a week last week and I was happily surprised that he looked much better than my worst-case-scenario mind had pictured him. It’s not something I’m going to write about here, because frankly, it makes me sad and I don’t want to have lots of e-conversations about it. But it’s part of the everything that’s been happening. I hope to be in the midwest a lot this summer so we can spend a lot of time with him before school starts in the fall.

There are lots of changes here. Changes in Sam, who will be one in just a few days. Changes in housing, yet to be determined. Changes in home decor and landscaping, as we try to sell this little Greensburg house. Changes in our stress levels with all the new and unknown things that will happen this summer.

So we wait. We wait for houses to be bought and sold (though hopefully in reverse order), we wait for babies to be born (not mine, but others in the family). We hope. We hope for time to do all the things we want and need to do this summer. And we pray. We pray for health and good days and sanity and lots of sunshine for all those who need it to weather their storms.


4 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Drew Says:

    Well written. I’m a pathetic sight right now in bed before work.

  2. Karen Says:


  3. erinfrances Says:

    Congratulations! ANN ARBOR? (I skimmed over “Saline,” which means little to me.) When Dave finds out he’s going to be so jealous — Ann Arbor’s one of our favorite cities. So cool. I’m so happy for you three.

    Happy birthday, Sam!!!

  4. leighnut Says:

    Erin, thanks. We’re very excited. Ann Arbor is sooo cool. (P.S. Saline is a smaller town right outside of Ann Arbor that has a great school system.)

    Drew, I know. I totally get it.

    Karen — woo! A 1-year-old soon! He’s soooo busy, though judging from the amount of kleenex on your living room floor in 3.2 seconds, I think you know! 🙂 Can’t wait for Finley to show his little face!!

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