One Fish, Two Fish

Turning the Corner May 19, 2009

Filed under: Baby,Mom and Dad,Month Twelve,Sam,Travelin' Travelin' — leighnut @ 9:31 am

Before you read this, you had better sit down, because you’re in for a shock.

Are you sitting?

Sam has slept through the night three of the last four nights. And I mean eight hours or more in a row. He wakes up soaked in his own urine, but he sleeps. I think we’ll have to increase the size of his diaper for night time, because the poor kid shouldn’t have to wake because he’s wet and cold and stinky. ROb and I don’t know what to do with all of this uninterrupted sleep. I think we’re currently more lethargic than normal, because we’re no longer in survival mode and getting all of this good sleep. Awesome.

In other news, we had an open house on Sunday. Only four groups (plus one curious neighbor) came through the house. We were disappointed in that, but our realtor said that they did two open houses yesterday where no one came at all. So I guess we should be grateful for our four people. Three of the four groups expressed some interest, so we just need to keep our fingers crossed that someone wants to buy it!

Tomorrow we leave for Michigan to look at houses there. It will be our first trip to the area as soon-to-be residents, so we’ll be looking with a more discerning eye at neighborhoods, looking for that perfect spot where we will be happy and find some friends. That would be nice. 🙂

And, last but not least, Finley Scott was born on Saturday. He is the beeeaauuutiful baby boy of the lovely Caitlin and Jon. We are beside ourselves with excitement and cannot wait to meet him! Sam is going to love him and we will do our very best to keep him from squishing him too hard.


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