One Fish, Two Fish

Dynamic Duo September 30, 2010

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Last night, we sat outside with some neighbors as our kids played together. It got quite dark earlier than we expected. Sam and his friend, Stevie, who is also two, walked away together in the dark. They were a house away, standing on the sidewalk looking up and pointing at stars. Rob was following behind, and caught this little conversation:

Stevie: Sam, hold my hand.
Sam: No.
Stevie: Friends are good.

And off they walked. Sam and Stevie are going to be great friends. They already are. They love to wrestle and have sword fights and chase each other up and down the hill in our neighbors’ backyards. I picture them walking to school together with giant backpacks on their backs, and racing on their bikes around the cul de sac. Just having boy adventures, whatever they may be.


Night Walks September 28, 2010

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Last night, I went for a walk with the cutest little dinosaur. We carried a lantern and looked for our shadows. He marched and marched while his shadow marched with him. I walked behind, wishing for time to stand still for a moment.


Week 19

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This week is the week before the halfway point. This is very exciting. It means I can experience great anticipation all week long that I’m nearly halfway. I also anticipate my birthday this way each year. I love to anticipate.

Baby is an heirloom tomato this week. I love heirloom tomatoes. They are best with big leaves of fresh basil, some fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. At the ultrasound today, Baby measured at 9 ounces and growth is all on track for the gestational age. She should be about six inches long. It still amazes me that there is a tiny person in there growing like one of those grow-a-dinosaurs that you put in water. All the parts are there, they’re just getting bigger. It’s so strange and amazing.

Sam and I met with the new doctor today. And it was everything the other group wasn’t. It was so great! I had an ultrasound and my cervical length looks good, then I met with Dr. Jennifer Williams. She immediately turned Sam around in his stroller to play. (I think Sam has a crush, because he took a brochure with her picture on it home with him. 🙂 ) And then she said the magic words, “Here’s the plan.” Oh, how I love a plan! The plan is to keep checking cervical lengths every two weeks, and watch my blood pressure closely. Today’s was 120/68. Doesn’t get much better than that!

There are only three doctors in this clinic. I will meet all of them before delivery and it will be one of them (no residents!!) who delivers the baby. I am so glad that we switched clinics! Such a relief!


Accio Records September 27, 2010

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I wish I had a magic wand, like Harry Potter (though really, we all know I’m way more like Hermione Granger, with her hand waving in the classroom, desperate to be the one with the answer). I would wave my wand with a great, big flourish and my medical records would appear in my hands. I requested them more than two weeks ago, both from Pittsburgh and the U of M, and neither has arrived.

And now, for my second wish, I wish for electronic medical records that can be accessed from all over the country. So, everybody, cross your fingers that miracles occur in the next twelve hours. 🙂

UPDATE: I called Pittsburgh and my records are somewhere in the mail. They went out on the 21st, so maybe they got to the new clinic today! And, surprise!, I can’t get a hold of anyone in the Health Information Management area at U of M. I called to let the clinic know and the woman who answered said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. You don’t need any extra stress in your life!” If the medical staff is anything like the front desk staff, I think I’m going to like this clinic! 🙂


Tiny Clothing September 22, 2010

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While here in Minneapolis, the land of big malls, we did a little baby shopping. I can hardly believe how cute baby girl clothes are! There’s so much more variation in color than boys’ clothes. Bright pinks and yellows and oranges that just don’t exist for baby boys. It’s so fun to look at everything. I am especially in love with all things Hanna Andersson — for boys and girls! We found a little navy blue dress with a bright pink flower on it, as well as the matching pink tights.

It’s going to be nice to revisit Sam’s gender-neutral newborn things, then add some girly stuff to the mix. When will February be here??


Week 18 September 21, 2010

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This week Baby is a bell pepper! They say bell peppers are about five and a half inches long, but I think that the peppers at Meijer must be mutants. They’re huge! Baby is flexing her arms and legs this week, which I feel. Here’s the thing about the second child… While pregnant with Sam, I would sit and concentrate to feel all of his little movements. With #2, I’m running around with Sam, not having the luxury of sitting still to feel every tiny movement. I do love when I’m in the shower or something and all of a sudden feel a big punch or kick. It turns out that Baby loves the game Bananagrams, because every time I play, I feel lots of movement. That, or she’s so stressed out because I have my competitive hat on and I’m not breathing normally. 🙂

The big change for me this week is that I’m in the “This is the BEST [insert food name here] I’ve ever eaten!” stage. I love this stage. I’ve only gained about two pounds, so I must be making wise food choices. If bagels and cream cheese are wise choices.


Funny Daddy September 18, 2010

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Rob has been so funny now that we know Baby is a girl. Here are some comment highlights from the past ten days:

Right after we found out it was a girl, Rob said, “It’s a little girl!!” Then in the same breath, “We’re going to have to buy all new stuff.”

While flipping through a toy catalog: “Kristin, I’m going to need some time getting used to girl toys. They’re all ridiculous. I mean, really, a housekeeping cart?!”

Looking at the girl clothes a neighbor gave us, “That’s all really, really pink. Really pink. You’re going have to give me some time to adjust.”

It seems there’s a theme here… Rob, who grew up in a house of boys, needs to ease into the world of pink and purple sparkly tiaras. He’s got, oh, about five months to get used to it. 🙂