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Switching It Up September 10, 2010

Filed under: Doctor-rama,Mom and Dad,Second Trimester — leighnut @ 2:56 pm

Today was my last appointment at the University of Michigan Hospital. Since entering their Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) clinic, Rob and I have felt increasingly nervous about the care and attention provided. During my appointment, I’ve felt like we were running the show, instead of the doctor (or in every case, the resident) taking control of the room. It does not feel good to leave the OB clinic with a knot in your stomach.

Part of the problem is our last OB experience, for varied reasons. There was very little that was normal during my last pregnancy, so I’m a little jumpy. I don’t think this is unreasonable, just unfortunate. So what seems like a big deal to me, is every day, run-of-the-mill stuff for the staff. What bugs me, though, is the inability to hear that it’s a big deal to me. Also, we had an amazing experience with the doctors in Pittsburgh. I was very well cared for by Dr. Whiteside. But it wasn’t until having a different experience that I came to understand just how wonderful the experience was with her. In a perfect world, Dr. Whiteside would just pick up and move here with her whole staff and have this baby with me.

Since that’s a lot to ask (ha ha!), I’m switching out of the UM system and to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. They have a MFM clinic there and are supposed to be more in tune with the individual patient. So we’ll see what happens on September 28, when I go in for my first appointment. It can’t be worse than how I feel when I leave my current doctor’s office!

But, the good news is that all is well. My blood pressure is, so far, just fine! I feel good, I’ve gained very little weight (even though I eat what I want when I want), and the little bean is swishing around in there.

Tonight: Back-to-school barbecue with Rob’s students! Seventeen out of the eighteen in his studio are supposed to be coming at 5:00. Yikes! That gives me an hour to chop veggies for the salad.


3 Responses to “Switching It Up”

  1. RoseT Says:

    love the new blog name:)

  2. Nancy Hoffman Says:

    will there be a red fish and a blue fish??

  3. leighnut Says:

    Thanks, Rose. 🙂

    Mom, there will be no more fish. 🙂

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