One Fish, Two Fish

Minneapolis! September 18, 2010

We’re in Minneapolis for the week. Wedding today, then Rob has a conference downtown during the week.

Sam is such a trooper in the car. We are really lucky to have such a good traveling toddler. I was the one that was difficult in the car this time. I had to pee every three and a half minutes, I was uncomfortable, and had to eat all the time. It must be hard to travel with me lately. 🙂

Rob and I both got a little choked up at a rest area. We were watching Sam jog and gallop from tree to tree near the Mississippi River and both had a little moment. It’s so sappy (and you can feel free to roll your eyes), but we just feel so lucky that we get to be Sam’s parents. He’s a remarkable kid and we marvel at the things he knows and learns and all that he can do. I think both Rob and I are adjusting to the thought that another little creature will be joining our little family so soon. We’re so excited, but how weird is it going to be to have another kid? Good thing we’re getting these feelings out now, so we can just be thrilled and overwhelmed with joy when February comes. And it’s coming, everyone. Time is marching right along!! 🙂


One Response to “Minneapolis!”

  1. Christine Says:

    I can’t wait for your little girl! She is going to be amazing…just like her big brother.

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