One Fish, Two Fish

Week 18 September 21, 2010

Filed under: Pregnant!,Second Trimester — leighnut @ 11:02 am

This week Baby is a bell pepper! They say bell peppers are about five and a half inches long, but I think that the peppers at Meijer must be mutants. They’re huge! Baby is flexing her arms and legs this week, which I feel. Here’s the thing about the second child… While pregnant with Sam, I would sit and concentrate to feel all of his little movements. With #2, I’m running around with Sam, not having the luxury of sitting still to feel every tiny movement. I do love when I’m in the shower or something and all of a sudden feel a big punch or kick. It turns out that Baby loves the game Bananagrams, because every time I play, I feel lots of movement. That, or she’s so stressed out because I have my competitive hat on and I’m not breathing normally. 🙂

The big change for me this week is that I’m in the “This is the BEST [insert food name here] I’ve ever eaten!” stage. I love this stage. I’ve only gained about two pounds, so I must be making wise food choices. If bagels and cream cheese are wise choices.


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