One Fish, Two Fish

Week 19 September 28, 2010

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This week is the week before the halfway point. This is very exciting. It means I can experience great anticipation all week long that I’m nearly halfway. I also anticipate my birthday this way each year. I love to anticipate.

Baby is an heirloom tomato this week. I love heirloom tomatoes. They are best with big leaves of fresh basil, some fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. At the ultrasound today, Baby measured at 9 ounces and growth is all on track for the gestational age. She should be about six inches long. It still amazes me that there is a tiny person in there growing like one of those grow-a-dinosaurs that you put in water. All the parts are there, they’re just getting bigger. It’s so strange and amazing.

Sam and I met with the new doctor today. And it was everything the other group wasn’t. It was so great! I had an ultrasound and my cervical length looks good, then I met with Dr. Jennifer Williams. She immediately turned Sam around in his stroller to play. (I think Sam has a crush, because he took a brochure with her picture on it home with him. 🙂 ) And then she said the magic words, “Here’s the plan.” Oh, how I love a plan! The plan is to keep checking cervical lengths every two weeks, and watch my blood pressure closely. Today’s was 120/68. Doesn’t get much better than that!

There are only three doctors in this clinic. I will meet all of them before delivery and it will be one of them (no residents!!) who delivers the baby. I am so glad that we switched clinics! Such a relief!


3 Responses to “Week 19”

  1. G/G Peavler Says:

    I tried to call a minute ago hoping and praying to hear exactly what you have written. That’s great! We’re on our way to the (elder) Deneen’s- talk with you later!

  2. Rebecca Lindell Says:

    Oh, Kristin, how I love your writing–and YOU, of course!! This is such a highlight in my week (I don’t visit your site every day since I am at work–tee, hee)!! Did I say “congratulations, I am very happy for you”?? If not, I just did!! How fun that Sam was with you at the doctor appointment!!!

  3. leighnut Says:

    Thanks, Becky! It’s been weird getting back into the swing of things with writing the blog. But I’m so glad that I’ve started again — now #2 can have the same kind of virtual baby book that Sam has. 🙂

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