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Date Night and A Missed Opportunity October 10, 2010

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Last night, Rob and I went out for date night. One of his students came to babysit Sam. Sam cried and cried when we left, but apparently settled right down after the door was closed. It’s so hard to leave when he’s so upset, but if that stopped me, Rob and I would never go out. Ever. 🙂

If our date night had a theme it would be Music Dork Night. We went to the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor to see William Bolcom and his wife Joan Morris perform. Bolcom is a Pulitzer prize-winning composer, who’s known for his operas as well as his art songs. Last night was a performance of cabaret songs throughout the century. William played, Joan (who was sick!) sang, and the small audience really enjoyed the performance. Rob and I decided that we’d like to take William and Joan out for dinner and just listen. They have known everyone, worked with everyone, and lived this amazing musical life. It would be so fun to hear their stories.

On the way home, we stopped at Meijer to get some milk for the morning. When we walked in, there was a man and his young son sitting on a bench in the front of the store, a shopping cart full of bags of aluminum cans, each eating Lunchables. Both Rob and I had a strong visceral reaction to the scene. Thinking of Sam, home safe with a babysitter, the money we spent on a concert, dessert, and the babysitter… and here is a man collecting cans to feed his child. Obviously, there is a whole story to them that we don’t know, but it seemed clear that they were struggling. We decided to find a manager to see if they were known to the employees and if there was something we could do to help them. Maybe buy a Meijer gift card or something. By the time we found someone and got back to the bench, they were gone.

I worry about doing what I think might be a helpful thing like that for people, because I don’t know the whole story. I don’t want to offend or misjudge a situation. But maybe the best thing to do is take a chance and risk offending someone and not miss the moment.

We’re so lucky. We have a home, food to eat, happiness every day. Our days are so easy. It makes the little frustrations I face seem so trivial and silly and I just need to give thanks every day for every thing and every one in my life.


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