One Fish, Two Fish

Week 21 October 12, 2010

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This week Baby Girl is three-quarters of a pound and about 10.5 inches long. A carrot. I’m not generally fond of carrots, unless they’re raw and accompanied by ranch dressing. But I love this little Carrot — and she is a busy girl! I feel her throughout the day, but mostly at night. And she’s already endearing herself by kicking me in the bladder. Isn’t that sweet of her? 🙂 This week she has eyelids and eyebrows. How weird to think that she’s had open eyes this whole time. Little girl can finally get some shut-eye — literally! 🙂

The last couple of days, I’ve backslid into some nausea. I don’t know what, if anything, I’m doing differently, but I’ve been sick again. Bummer! Yesterday was particularly rough in the scent department. Sam’s morning poopy diaper, the smell of leftovers in the fridge (I was going to toss them in the garbage and couldn’t open the foil), the smell of chicken while making dinner, the myriad smells at Meijer. Just a rough day. The state of the kitchen suffered immensely. Poor Rob came home from his long Monday and had to clean the kitchen. I tried again in the evening and just couldn’t do it. He is amazing. I’m so grateful for him.

Other than my crazy nose and stomach, all is well. I have another appointment on Friday. A check-up and the second half of the big ultrasound where they check all the anatomical structures of the baby. (The first half was done two weeks ago at my last appointment and everything they checked that day looked fine.)

If I could fast forward life just a little bit, maybe to Christmas or Groundhog’s Day, that would be ok. I don’t want to rush through life, I just want to skip to the end of this pregnancy. I’m ready for the baby to be here!


One Response to “Week 21”

  1. Erin W Says:

    I’m ready for the baby to be here, too. 🙂 Pregnancy is so long for a blog reader, man.

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