One Fish, Two Fish

Snot Reigns Supreme October 24, 2010

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Sam,Second Trimester — leighnut @ 10:04 am

Here in Michigan, we like to welcome fall with a round of snot. All three of us have colds. Isn’t that cute? Not really, but we like to do things together, you know? Actually, Rob was so sick, he stayed home from work for two days! That never, ever happens. I felt so bad that he was feeling crummy, but what a treat for Sam and I to have him around all day during the week.

Sam is the one really suffering now. He is so full of boogies that he can’t breathe to sleep at night. I’ve had to pull out the nasal aspirator again, to which I hear, “Nooooo, not the boogie sucker!” He’s a relatively good sport, but it “feels too funny” to do it very often. Poor kid.

In other news, this baby is a master bladder-kicker. It’s amazing! She’s got really good aim. Rob got to feel four good kicks last night, which he thinks is fun. I do, too.


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