One Fish, Two Fish

Halloweeeeen! November 1, 2010

Filed under: Goofball,Photo,Sam — leighnut @ 8:59 am

We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year. We hosted the neighborhood Halloween party at our house, which actually turned out to be really fun. Most of the families on our block came, which was really nice. Then everybody scurried out to get ready for trick-or-treating.

Sam was a dragon this year. He had been anti-costume until the end of September, when he walked into Old Navy, saw all the costumes and said, “Sam want to try on costumes. Sam love them ALL!” Fortunately, the dragon — his favorite — came in his size. He’s been wearing it periodically during the month of October and was happy to put it on yesterday.

Rob, Sam, and I went out trick-or-treating right at 6:00. The first piece of candy he got was a Blow Pop. He wanted to eat it right away. I said, “When we’re all done, you can eat it.” Without missing a beat, Sam said, “Sam all done.” What could I do? I opened the sucker for him and he spent his time outside working on it. He got bored after about the third house, but we walked with his friends Stevie, Tanith, and Jackson, for the length of our block. It was a wonderful, wonderful day.


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