One Fish, Two Fish

Week 24 November 2, 2010

Filed under: Pregnant!,Second Trimester — leighnut @ 1:56 pm

Week 24. It seems like a lifetime has passed since last week. I’m looking forward to the holidays even more this year, because it will help time fly just a little bit faster. I know I should treasure this time, because it’s my last pregnancy and I won’t ever feel these things again. But, I’m not a fan of the pregnant part. I’m a fan of the labor part and the newborn part, but the interminable wait to get to those parts… I could do with a more abbreviated version. 🙂

This week Baby is over a foot long and has gained about four ounces to weigh in at over a pound. She’s the size of an ear of corn. Isn’t it weird that they compare size to vegetables? I suppose everyone can picture an ear of corn, but it’s still funny to me. Her taste buds are starting to develop and she’s starting to produce surfactant, the stuff inside the lungs that help the tiny alveoli inflate after birth. And her brain is growing by leaps and bounds now. Grow, little brain, grow!

So. There it is, week 24! Onward.


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