One Fish, Two Fish

A New Tactic November 11, 2010

Filed under: Goofball,Sam — leighnut @ 9:06 am

It’s been a particularly fertile week for funny Sam quotes. Here’s another:

Part of the bedtime routine is snuggling with Sam in bed while we listen to his sleepy time music. I always warn him that “this is the last song, then I have to go downstairs,” to which he replies, “One more song, then you go.” It’s part of the deal between us. So we made our deal and Sam wasn’t happy. He kept pleading for one more song. I said no (it was 10:00, after all). He turned to me and said, “If you leave, I don’t love you.” Trying not to laugh, I said, “Well, that’s too bad, because I love you very much. Goodnight.” And I got out of there before cracking up. What a goofball.


One Response to “A New Tactic”

  1. G/G Peavler Says:

    Oh, the tricks they will try!

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