One Fish, Two Fish

Why Did I Worry? November 12, 2010

Filed under: Doctor-rama,Second Trimester — leighnut @ 2:17 pm

Another great doctor’s appointment! My BP was 120/70, and the baby looked good. She’s now measuring a little above average, but the doctor’s not worried, because (as she gestured to Sam), “You make tall kids.” Oh, ok. It was funny. They measured the fluid around the baby, which is plentiful and makes the doctor very happy. 🙂

I had my glucose tolerance test drawn. The results should be back next week. Here’s hoping I don’t have gestational diabetes. I’m not concerned about it, but I would like to be able to check it off the list, you know?

Do you know what the best part of my appointments are? I love all three doctors! I don’t care who I see, because I know that whoever walks through the door will be great. How nice is that?

My next appointment is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving — more specifically, before we start traveling to Minneapolis for the holiday weekend. It’s the dreaded week 27. I just have to remember it’s all going well and 27 is just a number. 🙂


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