One Fish, Two Fish

A New Stage November 29, 2010

Filed under: Goofball,Milestones,Sam — leighnut @ 3:24 pm

Thanksgiving brought not only a MN version of the stomach flu (we escaped unscathed!), but the beginning of the “But why?” stage. Sam asks “why?” about 76 times a day. Sometimes he asks about why things work, sometimes he asks why Mommy or Daddy has made a decision for him. “Why Sam can’t jump off the couch?” “Why that tree so tall?” “Why Sam not hungry?” On and on and on, ad nauseum. We have already used the line “Because I said so.” Sam’s response? “That not an answer!” I had to explain to him that, he’s right, it’s not a good answer, but that Mommy and Daddy have learned a lot of things while growing up and sometimes just know best. He said, “But why?” So I replied that someday Sam will be a big grown-up with a little kid who wants to know why, and his answer will be “because I said so.” He seemed satisfied — or at least mystified — with that response.

I have a feeling that this stage is going to last a long time and be periodically frustrating. But, mostly it’s cute, and I just love his curiosity about absolutely everything!


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