One Fish, Two Fish

A Rare Moment of Shyness December 11, 2010

Filed under: Goofball,Sam — leighnut @ 10:20 am

This week, Rob, Sam, and I went to the mall to look for new boots for Sam. (I tried putting on last year’s boots and while I was struggling to shove it on his foot, Sam said, “Mommy. Stop. It doesn’t fit. It’s too little.” OK, Sam, you’re right.) While we were walking through the halls, Rob asked Sam if he wanted to go see Santa. Sam replied with an emphatic, “No!” So we didn’t. We did our shopping, went to play at the play area (lots of running and jumping and climbing!) and started heading back to the car. Rob asked Sam again if he wanted to see Santa before we left the mall. Sam said he was ok with that plan. So we headed over to Santa Land with a very apprehensive Sam, clutching Rob’s hand. When he saw all the decorations, he chickened out. So I suggested we peek at him from behind the exit roping. Sam stared at him, then leaned forward on one foot and said, almost inaudibly, “Sam want Play-Doh and books.” I said, “Sam he can’t hear you.” So he leaned in a little closer, under the exit ropes, and said, a tiny bit louder, “Sam want Play-Doh and books!” Finally, he worked up the nerve to go right up to Santa (“But no lap, Mommy!”) and tell him what he wants for Christmas. Santa asked him if he had been a good boy, etc. Sam replied with very serious head nods and then said, audibly this time, “Sam want Play-Doh and books.” Santa asked, “You want Legos and books?” Sam looked up at him and said, “No.” I translated and Santa said he got the order, then gave Sam a candy cane.

So, first look at Santa up close — success!


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