One Fish, Two Fish

Unusual Date Night December 24, 2010

Well. Rob and I spent the evening at Appleton Medical Center, being evaluated for preterm labor. OK, that’s not true. Rob wasn’t being evaluated. He was overseeing the operation. 🙂

I’ve been having some cramping over the last couple of days, so I called my doctor in Michigan and he said to go in and be evaluated, just to be safe. I was actually really glad that he wanted me to go in, because with every little twitch and twinge, I thought, “Oh, here we go. Premature baby, NICU stay, can’t go home because Baby can’t leave.” I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In some ways, it was a relief to head to the hospital.

They ran a bunch of labs, checked my cervix for any dilation or softening, and did a fetal Fibronectin test, which measures a protein that the cervix secretes (hate that word) in the weeks prior to delivery. If that test is negative, there is a 99% chance that the body will not go into labor within two weeks. Mine was negative. Best Christmas present ever. The rest of my labs were normal or close to it. (I’m still anemic. I guess I need more Cream of Wheat.) I had some IV fluids while we waited for the labs to come back. Nothing like a little Lactated Ringer’s cocktail going right into your bloodstream to bring back the spring in your step! 🙂

Rob and I ordered pizza and watched “Chopped” on the Food Network. Rob said it brought back so many memories of hanging out at the hospital with me while I was there on bed rest the last time. We’d eat, watch TV, play games, talk about our days (Rob usually had more to say in that area!), and just be together in the little home-away-from-home hospital room. I certainly don’t want to repeat that experience, but there’s a little bit of magic in the memories.

So, all is well. I’m not having the baby for two weeks (and let’s just tack on a few more weeks to that plan, thank you), and I can wake up to Christmas Eve with a clear mind and a few poke marks as tiny memories of our crazy date night at the hospital.


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