One Fish, Two Fish

Week 32 December 28, 2010

Filed under: Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 12:27 pm

This week Baby Girl has fingernails and toenails! That’s great. I actually find great satisfaction in clipping baby nails. We know from ultrasound that our baby girl has hair, but apparently this week, the hair is growing and looking more like real hair than peach fuzz. What kind of hair will she have? Ringlets like Sam? Will it be dark or light? I can’t wait to find out!

The average 32-week baby is 16.7 inches long and about 3.75 pounds, like a large jicama. I love that word. Jicama. HEE-ka-ma. But really, how many of you out there have picked up a jicama? I haven’t. How about a small watermelon? I know what that feels like. 🙂 Right now, at this very minute, Baby is smashed up in my lung field. I’m taking small, short breaths, and rubbing her head or butt or whatever hard object is poking out. Do you know what I’ve noticed this week? When I was pregnant with Sam, he’d kick and poke me. When I’d poke him back, he’d wiggle and kick. This baby doesn’t respond to my pokes. She gets very quiet. But when I rub the area, she kicks and pokes me. Isn’t that interesting? 🙂

And my ankles are swollen. Not really swollen, just a little bit. I spend quality time with my feet up on pillows these days. I’m so thankful for Rob and all of work he does picking up my slack. He’s amazing!


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