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Where’s the Baby? January 31, 2011

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Still in my belly, that’s where! When is she going to be born??? I know that I still officially have three weeks (and one day!) left, but I’d like her to make an appearance sooner than that.

But not before I finish the hat I’m knitting for her. 🙂

UPDATE: The hat’s done. You can be born now, Baby Girl! 🙂


What a Good Girl January 28, 2011

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What else do I need to say about the appointment this morning? Everything pales in comparison with that news. 🙂

Here’s the other, way less exciting stuff:

I can now check my blood sugar just twice a day. This is great news for my fingers, which are slightly bruised and forming callouses at the poke sites. (It’s my own fault. I choose to use only two fingers so I don’t interfere with knitting. I’m so hard core.) And my blood pressure is fine. 132/76 or something like that.

Baby is currently 8 pounds, 8 ounces. She’s big like her brother was. I will have another ultrasound at week 39 to check her weight. If she’s between 9.5 and 10 pounds, then I will have to have a C-section. This is a bummer, because I would like to avoid having a C-section at all costs. There’s really nothing I can do about this, though. Baby will grow as she wants. I have no control over this. I can just hope that she’ll be small enough to deliver safely.

With the exception of this little diabetes thing, I’m having quite the normal pregnancy. For me, anyway. 🙂 All is well. I feel very lucky.


Week 36 January 25, 2011

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Well, we’re getting down to the wire here, aren’t we? Baby girl could really come at any time. (Rob has predicted that she will come a week from tomorrow. That would be kind of nice, huh? I get to de-pregnify myself and you get pictures!)

Week 36 babies are about the size of a Crenshaw melon. What in the world is a Crenshaw melon? The picture shows an oblong yellow melon. I have never heard of it before. Thank you, Babycenter, for providing produce to which we can all relate. 🙂 This means the baby (or, rather, the average baby) is a little over six pounds and about 18.5 inches long. We’ll find out on Friday how much our little pumpkin weighs. I will have another ultrasound to see if (a) she’s still breech and (b) how much she weighs. Sometimes I think she’s turned, because most of the movement is now in my upper right quadrant, but there are also some big movements in my lower left quadrant — sometimes at the same time! I cannot figure out what is what in there.

I still feel good. I’m definitely more tired and I feel sort of withdrawn from the world. It’s a weird feeling. It’s like I’m in my own little world. I don’t really want to go anywhere (though I make myself get out of the house with Sam). I just want to be at home. The days are moving very slowly.

Yesterday morning, Sam wanted to get the Pack and Play out of the box and set it up. So we got it out, put it all together, and looked it over. Then Sam started crying and said, “Put it back in the box, Mommy!” I think it’s starting to feel real to him, too.

So. Everything is washed and organized. The hospital bag is mostly packed. We have diapers and new bamboo receiving blankets (super soft!). Friday’s appointment should give us a better idea of when this little one is going to show up. I like the idea of sooner rather than later, but I will take what I can get. 🙂


Conferencing January 22, 2011

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Rob and I went to Grand Rapids for a music conference this weekend. Rob presented at the Michigan Music Conference — to a standing-room-only crowd! It was like Rob Day for the rest of the day. Strangers kept coming up to him and saying things like, “Oh, I just LOVED your presentation. Thanks!” It was wonderful. I’m so proud of him! I wasn’t able to attend any of the conference, given that I’m not, you know, a music teacher in Michigan, so I found other ways to spend my time while Rob worked. So I spent the weekend knitting, having a pedicure, and generally just resting. It was lovely.

Sam stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa for two nights. He did wonderfully — no tears, no fuss while we were gone. It was great to get away and to have a trial run for when Baby Girl comes. Sam will have to be alone with others for a while at that time, too. This is the last trip for me until the baby is born. (Rob has one more working weekend away next weekend, then he’s done, too.) The doctor hemmed and hawed about us leaving, so I’m glad we didn’t come home with a baby. Wouldn’t that have been a surprise?

About once a day, I have such incredible pelvic pressure that I can hardly stand up. I take this as a sign that baby girl wants to be born in January. That would be kind of nice… her birthstone would be a garnet instead of an amethyst. Both are pretty, but I like the deep red of the garnet. 🙂 I don’t wish for her to come so early that she’s compromised in any way, but I certainly am ready to meet her!


The Countdown Begins January 19, 2011

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So I went to the doctor today and it was a great appointment. They were happy with my blood sugars and said if I had another week like this, then I can back off on the pokes and do just two a day. That would be great.

What else? Oh, my blood pressure was just lovely: 132/72. Isn’t that nice? I am so thrilled to not be bedresting all the time. I don’t run marathons or anything, but I’m grateful to just be able to walk up and down the stairs more than once a day. (Remember that? Last time, I was advised to take everything downstairs with me in the morning so I only had to climb once a day.)

And, guess what? I’m dilated a little bit! I’ve been having lots of pressure and Braxton-Hicks contractions, so they checked my cervix last week and this week. Last week, my cervix was soft and closed. This week, it’s very thin and dilated just a little bit! I asked if the doctor could give a potential timeline for birth day, and she said, “Yeah…. no, I can’t. But wouldn’t it be great if I could?” Ha! I think this baby will come before her due date, but time will tell. She also thinks there’s a chance that the baby is head down, but she can’t tell from an external exam, because of all the extra fluid around the baby. So, the plan is to do a position check next Friday to see if she has changed position. (I honestly don’t think she has. I’m not trying to be negative, but I feel kicks and pokes in the same place. I mean, if that means anything. 🙂 ) If she has not flipped, then the version goes as planned on the 31st. If she has, then we can cancel the version!

So it was a great appointment. It’s all been good. Does this mean that Baby Girl is going to be an imp? 🙂


Week 35 January 18, 2011

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Guess what? I am now counting down the weeks on ONE HAND. This is very exciting!

Baby girl is a honeydew melon this week. At least, the average baby is. We all know this baby girl is above average. 🙂 She’s still gaining weight and now her liver is working. All the major development is done, it’s just grow, grow, grow until her birthday!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel after starting this diabetic diet. I can’t really explain it, other than that, although I’m still huge and uncomfortable, I have more energy. Maybe that’s the best way to explain it. Rob has noticed a difference, too. Huh. My blood sugars have all been lovely, so I’m secretly hoping that they’ll let me back off on the number of times I poke myself per day. Like I’ve proven myself or something. I doubt this will be the case, but it would be a nice surprise. And I’ve lost four pounds. Whoops. I’m eating six times a day and losing weight. I hope this slows down Baby Girl’s growth, too. There are some really cute newborn clothes in the closet that I’d love for her to get to wear once or twice. 🙂

So, all is well. We’re counting down to version day: 13 more days. Baby spent a good chunk of the morning in a transverse position, so I’m still hopeful that she will turn. Time will tell.


Rockin’ the Meter January 15, 2011

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Can I just say my blood sugars are awesome? Really. They’re just great. I mean, it’s annoying to have to check four times a day and to constantly be thinking about what I’m eating, but it’s all for a good reason. I get that. I feel like I should be able to turn in my logs and get to graduate to just morning and evening blood sugar checks or something. I doubt this will be the case, but a girl can dream, right?