One Fish, Two Fish

Week 33 January 4, 2011

Filed under: Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 12:05 pm

According to, Baby is 17 inches long and a little over four pounds, like a pineapple. HAHAHAHAHA! I wish. This baby is over six pounds and a squirmy worm. What was once a predictable schedule of movement has morphed into movement most of the day. Sometimes it’s little wiggles, sometimes it’s huge kicks and punches. I swear I can feel her turning her head from side to side, too, especially since that head is currently sitting in my lung field! Her skeleton is starting to harden this week, though not the plates in her skull. Those remain unfused so she can be malleable for delivery. Her main job until the end is to get chubby. We saw some chubby cheeks on ultrasound, so I know she’s doing a good job getting fat and happy.

I wonder what she’ll be like. I wonder who she’ll look like. I wonder what her name will be! It’s weird to think that, in three weeks, it could be any day. I like that thought. I like to think that I have three weeks left and can just be in waiting mode after that. It makes February 22 feel closer if I think of it that way.


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