One Fish, Two Fish

Carb City January 9, 2011

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Tomorrow morning, I’m going in at the crack of dawn to have the three-hour glucose tolerance test done. I failed my second one-hour miserably, so I’ve graduated to the three-hour test. I figure, I’ll finish my book while I sit and wait for each hour’s poke. So that’s a positive. I know there are people out there in the world who fail the one-hour and pass the three-hour, but I’m banking on the fact that I do, indeed, have gestational diabetes. This is a bummer, but it’s only for a few more weeks if, in fact, it’s true.

So for the last three days, I’ve been required to carb-load. I am to eat not less than 150 grams of carbohydrates a day. This is not hard to do. Breakfast alone is a horrible carb meal. Think of the average breakfast in a restaurant: eggs, a huge pile of hashbrowns, toast, bacon, juice, a refill of juice. That gives you about half of the 150 grams right there! Yikes. Then tonight, I will fast after ten p.m. and go start the blood draws at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Fun, fun, fun! It wouldn’t be a Kristin pregnancy if there wasn’t a little fun along the way. 🙂