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The GD Plan January 13, 2011

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We met with the dietitian today. It was fine. I think she was pleased that I knew about carb counting and stuff already, because all she did was give me the meal plan and some carb exchange sheets. I also got this sweet little meter to check my blood sugar four times a day. So far I’m kicking, uh, butt (this is a family blog, after all) in the blood sugar department. This is not a great feat, since I’ve only checked it twice today. The plan is to check and check and follow the meal plan. If I can keep my blood sugars under control that way, then there’s nothing else to do. If I can’t, then it will be insulin for me. Woo!

My big problem is protein. Meat makes me want to vomit. I eat it as fast as I can to get it over with, but it’s still not enough. So. Protein. I’m doing my best. Eggs are my friend.

So, it’s small steps from here. As in, let me just get through the weekend, then get to my next appointment on Wednesday. I don’t look too far ahead on the calendar. It makes the days go by… ok, not faster, they just go by. 🙂


Baby Has a Deadline

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Dear Baby Girl,

We have an appointment on January 31st to manhandle you and get you to turn head down. I would appreciate it if you surprised us all and turn on your own. The procedure is supposed to be less than fun for me and, though I would do most anything to avoid a C-section, I’d rather skip it. So, here’s your 18-day countdown to flipping over on your own.

Thanks in advance.