One Fish, Two Fish

Conferencing January 22, 2011

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Rob and I went to Grand Rapids for a music conference this weekend. Rob presented at the Michigan Music Conference — to a standing-room-only crowd! It was like Rob Day for the rest of the day. Strangers kept coming up to him and saying things like, “Oh, I just LOVED your presentation. Thanks!” It was wonderful. I’m so proud of him! I wasn’t able to attend any of the conference, given that I’m not, you know, a music teacher in Michigan, so I found other ways to spend my time while Rob worked. So I spent the weekend knitting, having a pedicure, and generally just resting. It was lovely.

Sam stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa for two nights. He did wonderfully — no tears, no fuss while we were gone. It was great to get away and to have a trial run for when Baby Girl comes. Sam will have to be alone with others for a while at that time, too. This is the last trip for me until the baby is born. (Rob has one more working weekend away next weekend, then he’s done, too.) The doctor hemmed and hawed about us leaving, so I’m glad we didn’t come home with a baby. Wouldn’t that have been a surprise?

About once a day, I have such incredible pelvic pressure that I can hardly stand up. I take this as a sign that baby girl wants to be born in January. That would be kind of nice… her birthstone would be a garnet instead of an amethyst. Both are pretty, but I like the deep red of the garnet. 🙂 I don’t wish for her to come so early that she’s compromised in any way, but I certainly am ready to meet her!