One Fish, Two Fish

Week 38 February 8, 2011

Filed under: Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 9:49 pm

Oh, hi. Still here, big as a mansion. Very pregnant. I don’t know if I should continue the whole vegetable comparison thing, since she’s about the size of a full-grown labrador at this point. For consistency’s sake, she a leek this week. And that rhymes and makes me happy.

I am having contractions. This is good. They are very irregular. This is bad. Rob thinks that the baby has dropped. I tend to agree with him, because the t-shirt I’ve been sleeping in feels a little looser. It’s not a maternity shirt, so I feel like it’s a good barometer for belly size.

So we wait. And wait and wait. My big question (besides the obvious, “When in the world is it going to happen?”) is: how many baby hats can one person knit before it becomes obscene?


6 Responses to “Week 38”

  1. Jessie Lietzan-Buechel Says:

    I have to tell you, as a labrador owner, that there is no way your peanut is the size of a full grown labrador, though she may feel that way from the inside.

    • leighnut Says:

      I don’t know… I think she’s fifty pounds. And probably one of those blocky-headed labs. 🙂 Actually, I really like poking her feet. I’m just happy her feet are at the top (ok, the side) instead of the bottom.

  2. marta Says:

    ooooh, i remember “leek” as vegetable-descriptor, and i hated it. a leek lacks the girth and volume to adequately describe the experience of a full term pregnancy. i needed babycenter to tell me i had a “ripe watermelon” or “giant prize-winning pumpkin” in my uterus, not a leek. i remember well the impatient discomfort of waiting at full term. hang in there, my friend. she’ll be here so soon, and won’t that be so awesome?

    • leighnut Says:

      I know! A leek is a small, rather sleek vegetable, as veggies go anyway. I’ve been calling her Pumpkin (like Sam is Peanut), so I find that descriptor much more appropriate.

      It will be so awesome to meet her (and not be pregnant). I know things about her: she has chubby cheeks and lots of hair. I want to see those things in real life!

  3. Lindsey Severinson Says:

    It will be any day! Hang in there!

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