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Welcome to the World Anna Leigh Peavler February 17, 2011

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Anna Leigh Peavler made a very quick entrance into the world at 1:54 am on Thursday, February 17th. She weighs a cuddly 9 lbs and 15 oz. and is 22 inches long. Kristin moved from a 5 to a 9 in a matter of minutes and our doctor barely had time to get from home into the delivery room as the wonderful resident (Sarah from Duluth) delivered Anna. Anna scored a precocious 9 of 10 on the Apgar test and is wonderfully perfect in every way. She is bright eyed and quiet just like Sam was but unlike her older brother she has taken right to breast feeding! Kristin was amazing during delivery and doing fine even though she’s quite sore right now.

Anna, we loved you before we ever met you face-to-face and we’ll love you always. Welcome to our family and to your life. We’re so excited to see you grow up and hear about your dreams and find out all the things you love to do. We can’t wait to watch you grow into your own personality and see how you’re similar and different from Sam and from us. Mostly, we’re excited to get to know you and show you all the wonderful things that our world has to offer!

Welcome home little one…..we love you.


15 Responses to “Welcome to the World Anna Leigh Peavler”

  1. G/G Peavler Says:

    Hello, Anna Leigh….we’re on our way to meet you! Congratulations and great work, Rob and Kristin and Sam!

  2. karen Says:

    I set my alarm and almost broke my leg getting to the computer this morning. What a wonderful sight when I logged on and saw little Anna looking at me. We are so excited for all of you and love you all.

  3. Chris, Rich, Kim, Matt and Andrew Says:

    Holy Moly Guacamole! (saya Andrew upon seeing your beautiful face, Anna). We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to meet you!
    Have a glorious day and soak in every happy moment! We Love You, Kristin, Rob, Sam and Anna!

  4. Drew Says:

    You know what this means, right?

    JIMMY JOHNS!!!!!!!

  5. Mom Says:

    Anna Leigh, you are so beautiful. I can’t wait to hold you and kiss your head. See you soon.

  6. RoseT Says:

    Welcome Anna! Great work Kristin! Jimmy Johns!

  7. Debbie Says:

    Nene and I are sitting here glowing with joy. What a beautiful little girl you are, Anna. We love you all and can’t wait to see you. Sam, how does if feel to be a big brother? We wish we could be there with you. Lots and Lots of love!!

  8. marta Says:

    welcome to the world, beautiful girl! congratulations, kristin, rob and sam! she’s gorgeous!

  9. Britta Says:

    What a beautiful little girl. I would give anything to be able to pinch her little cheeks right now. I hope you all got some sleep and are feeling well today. I can’t wait to see more pictures and meet little Anna!! Congratulations Rob, Kristin, and Sam. Love you all!

  10. Lindsey Severinson Says:

    Congratulations! Absolutely adorable! We love you!

  11. Rebecca Lindell Says:

    Oh, I can’t read this through my tears!! I am SO happy for all of you! Anna Leigh, you are beautiful, just like your name, and are under 10 pounds–just barely!! Hugs and Kisses to the entire family!

  12. Martha Says:

    CONGRATS FROM THE KLOPPS! What a healthy, pretty girl!

  13. sara Says:

    hooray! she’s so beautiful – and big! lots of love to all four of you!

  14. Drew Says:

    I just realized that I missed winning the weight pole by one stinkin’ ounce!!

  15. erin Says:

    Congratulations!! She’s adorable!

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