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An Announcement from Sam March 16, 2011

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Today at noon, Sam came downstairs after having some alone time reading books in his room and said, “I couldn’t find my pacifier. The fairy came and took it away.” I said, “The fairy?” “Yes, the fairy that takes pacifiers,” he replied. Apparently, the Pacifier Fairy came and took his pacifier today. I asked him why she came today. He said, “Because I’m a big boy and I don’t need a pacifier anymore.” Sam also pronounced that the Pacifier Fairy brings toys to big boys when they take away the pacifier. Apparently, the Pacifier Fairy is bringing him Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story — and a soft toy for Anna. “And she will bring them in her bin of toys and put them in my red toy bins while I’m sleeping.” Well, well, well! As soon as Sam was busy with something else, Rob ran up and grabbed his pacifier (which was in our bed) and put it in his underwear drawer. And I guess a trip to Toys R Us is in the very, very near future.

Nap time came. It was, uh, rocky. Sam cried and cried for an hour, saying, “The Pacifier Fairy didn’t come. She didn’t take my pacifier!” He even insisted we take all the sheets off his bed, because he was convinced that it was somewhere underneath. I will never forget his little face when he looked all over the bed and didn’t see his pacifier there. His whole body just deflated.
He finally fell asleep in my arms in bed after many, many tears.

I held it together until I got downstairs, then I burst into my own tears. It’s not that he’s growing up or anything, it was the look on his face when he realized it was really gone. And the sweet, sleeping face in his bed, sans pacifier, looking just like he did as an infant. My sweet, sweet boy.


3 Responses to “An Announcement from Sam”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I could weep. What a sweet story.

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    We’re proud of you all! Steps of growth…sometimes a breeze, sometimes painful. You did well!

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