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Anna, Month One March 17, 2011

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Dear Anna,

Today is your first graduation. You are an infant! How can it be that four weeks have passed already? I feel like our days with you just fly by. We wake up and suddenly, it’s dinner time and another day has whizzed by. I don’t want to blink, for fear that I’ll miss a moment with you.

You are such a snuggly baby, Anna. You love to be held more than anything else. I think if you could have your way, we’d never put you down. With Daddy, you prefer to be cradled in the crook of his left arm. With me, you love being tummy down up on my shoulder. You’ll often tuck your head into the side of my neck so we’re cheek to smooshy cheek. It’s just precious and I can’t help but cover you in kisses! When you’re nursing, you always, always hold my thumb with your hand. If you can’t find it, you flail your arm around until you do, then hold on tight. It just melts my heart.

But let’s be fair. You also can shriek like a pterodactyl when you’re out of sorts for one reason or another! Usually, you’re quite clear in what you want — a new diaper, food, a snuggle — and all you need to emit is one lone “Wah!” Sometimes though, we are confused, like when you’re tired, but showing hungry signs, and we don’t give you what you need. Then, watch out! The wails begin. Daddy is best at soothing you when you are so tired. He puts you on his knees and bounces you up and down until your eyes just can’t stay open anymore.

It’s clear that you and Sam are going to be friends. You track his voice all over the room when he talks. He is quick with kisses and hugs — and a finger in the mouth, a honk on the nose, and a bonk on the forehead. You’re going to have to hold your own, Anna, as he loves you in all of his toddler boy ways. He loves to lie next to you when you’re lounging or doing tummy time and you bat at his face and reach for him with your mouth. He loves getting kisses from you!

I can’t help but stare at you, baby girl. Those cheeks could not be any squishier. I admit, I have a hard time keeping my hands off them. And I swear your eyes tell a story. It sounds cheesy, but I feel like you have wisdom that goes beyond your four weeks of life. You keep surprising me with the details — your tiny ears, button nose, your round little tummy — I love them all.

I’m so happy you’re here with us, Anna. I think I always knew you’d come someday. I’m glad that someday is finally here.



7 Responses to “Anna, Month One”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Thank you for the pictures. Anna is so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to meet her and squeeze those cheeks. Hugs and kisses to all of you. Tell Sam what a wonderful big brother we think he is.

    Love you.

    • leighnut Says:

      Aren’t the cheeks great? Very squishy. I can’t wait for you to meet her too. I wish it weren’t so long till summer. 😦

      Love you, too!

  2. Mom Says:

    this post brought a tear to my eye. She is SO beautiful.

  3. G/G Peavler Says:

    What a gift from God your two precious children are! And- what a gift you and Rob are giving them as loving parents. Bless you all!

  4. RoseT Says:

    Look at all that hair! Can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks:)

  5. susie Says:

    I am teared up as well! Her face, your words, well they just touch my heart. I sure love you guys!

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