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A Chunky Monkey and Sick Ears March 21, 2011

Filed under: Anna,Doctor-rama,Month One,Sam — leighnut @ 4:56 pm

Anna had her one month well child appointment today. She is even more of a giant than she was. Get this: she has gained three pounds and grown three inches in the last four weeks. She is now 12.8 pounds and 24 inches long. That is off the charts! The 100th percentile. Whoa. Everything went well at the appointment. Dr. Noble was impressed with her size and her rolling over trick. She was not worried about the fact that she didn’t poop for five days (yes, five days. I was a wreck.). The one little surprise was that she heard a heart murmur on exam. We will be visiting the cardiologist at Mott Children’s Hospital to have the murmur evaluated (appt. date to be determined. We will wait for them to call us.) Dr. Noble said she is not concerned about it, but that, as a rule, she sends new babies with new murmurs to Mott for evaluation. She said that the likelihood of there being a big problem is very small, especially since Anna has gained weight and grown so much in the last month.

Sam got to see Dr. Noble in the same appointment. He is still sick with the longest cold ever and it turns out — surprise! — he has an ear infection! (Yeah for Amoxicillin!) I’m not surprised. The kid is a walking snot ball. He’s also been limping for a few days and choosing to crawl periodically instead of walk or run. Dr. Noble didn’t see or feel anything abnormal with his leg, thank goodness. We’re supposed to watch it for a week and if it gets worse, he’ll have an x-ray. Poor guy has been sick for so long, he doesn’t need a gimpy leg to go along with it. The other night he said, “Mommy, I’m going to be sick forever. I don’t want to be sick anymore.” He’s so sweet.

And everything has been just perfect in the wake of the Pacifier Fairy’s visit. Sam has had no more trouble with naps or bedtime since the first grief-laden nap, nor has he mentioned his pacifier since the Fairy left him toys. I do kind of miss him asking for his “smoove pacifier, please,” but it’s so nice to be DONE. Good job, Sam!

Rob and I are still lacking in the sleep department. Anna is obviously not checking her messages or she’d have gotten our desperate pleas for an earlier bed time. Thank goodness for the screens in our life — the DVR, the Kindle, and the World Wide Web! šŸ™‚


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