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Anna, Month Four June 17, 2011

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Dear Anna,

This is the month of belly laughs, little one. You are such a happy, squealing little baby! I think you have a good sense of humor, because you crack up easily at little things. Your eyes smile, first, then your mouth, then out pour big belly laughs. Sam is your entertainment of choice. He is your favorite accidental comedian.

This month, you went to the cabin for the first time. I was wondering how it was going to work, juggling you and water time for Sam, but it’s been great! You love to be down at the water and you adore boat rides. This is wonderful news! In fact, you love it so much, it’s your favorite place to fall asleep, with the wind in your hair, the hum of the motor, and the call of the loon. As hard as it was, we kept you out of the water for a while, because there were late-season duck mites. Itchies and babies do not a good pair make! Finally, we dipped you in and — surprise, surprise! — you love the water! At first it was chilly and you tucked your feet up under your body, but finally your feet came down and you kicked. Every time I would dip your tummy in a little bit, you’d gasp at the cold sensation of the water. But you smiled the whole time, my little water baby!

Tummy time is finally fun. You can keep your head up high enough and long enough to play with toys. One of your favorite toys is your crinkle paper. I’m pretty sure it’s your mission in life to see how far you can stuff it into your mouth. You also rolled onto your tummy this month! You were irritated with me that I wasn’t feeding you immediately, and rolled to your side, then flipped up onto your tummy. How surprised you were at the new vantage point!

Your hair is getting blonder by the day, Anna. You have some very nice two-tone hair right now. It’s getting longer and longer, too, with some ringlets starting to curl. Strangers still comment at how beautiful you are and how amazing your crazy hair is. You love to have me run my fingers through it when you’re falling asleep.

Anna, you are so smart and inquisitive, wanting to be at the center of everything. You love to look at faces and stare into people’s eyes. More than once, someone has commented at how intently you watch people. I believe your wise blue eyes are a portend of more wonders to come. You are my greatest joy and my bestest girl. I am so grateful for you, my little Anna-Anna.



2 Responses to “Anna, Month Four”

  1. Mom Says:

    Nonnie loves you dear Anna!

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    Smart, strong, sweet, funny and beautiful- what a girl! We can hardly wait to hear that belly laugh.

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