One Fish, Two Fish

Toofies! And Sitting! And Scooting! August 8, 2011

Filed under: Anna,Firsts,Month Five — leighnut @ 12:53 pm

Our little baby girl is growing up faster than you can imagine. She has two — TWO! — teeth coming in! Her two bottom front teeth are slowly making their way through her little swollen gums. She remains her joyful self, though falling asleep has been a little more difficult.

Anna is also sitting up by herself. I can’t even believe it. She still falls over if she gets excited or her muscles get tired, but she is doing it! She is very proud of herself.

And. Anna is scooting on her belly. It was a mouth-hanging-to-the-ground-I-CANNOT-believe-what-I-am-seeing moment. She is very slow, but very determined. DO you know what this means? We no longer have a cute little lump. She’s mobile!


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