One Fish, Two Fish

Wings August 31, 2011

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Tonight I watched from the driveway as Sam ran down the block to play with his friends at their house. He ran, arms tucked in and pumping at his sides, little feet running as fast as he could toward his playmates. My heart flew with him, as his first tiny wings of independence sprouted… and then I let go. Fly, baby boy, fly. I love you.


Toofies! And Sitting! And Scooting! August 8, 2011

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Our little baby girl is growing up faster than you can imagine. She has two — TWO! — teeth coming in! Her two bottom front teeth are slowly making their way through her little swollen gums. She remains her joyful self, though falling asleep has been a little more difficult.

Anna is also sitting up by herself. I can’t even believe it. She still falls over if she gets excited or her muscles get tired, but she is doing it! She is very proud of herself.

And. Anna is scooting on her belly. It was a mouth-hanging-to-the-ground-I-CANNOT-believe-what-I-am-seeing moment. She is very slow, but very determined. DO you know what this means? We no longer have a cute little lump. She’s mobile!


More Milestones May 25, 2011

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It’s been so busy around here, between long car trips and birthday parties and life in general. The blog has been low on the list of priorities. But! Lots has happened! Sam is three, he’s working on potty training, thanks to a nice diaper rash that keeps him naked a good chunk of the day, and he’s a great friend to the little kids in our neighborhood. He often says, “I want to go outside and play with my friends.” It’s so cute that he has friends.

Anna is laughing (when she wants to, she’s not a trick pony) AND she rolled from her back to her tummy a few nights ago! I couldn’t believe my eyes. First, she rolled onto her side and chewed on her hands for a while. Then all of a sudden, she swung her leg over. She almost made it on the first try, but rolled back. Then, with a grunt and a swing of the leg, over she went! It was amazing. She pulled her arm out from under her and reached out in front of her to tr to grab a paisley off the quilt. She is so strong!


Sam Goes to the Dentist April 14, 2011

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Last week Sam went to the dentist for the first time. We did back-to-back appointments with Rob, so Sam could go in early to check out the room see Rob have his teeth polished. The hygienist made the comment that she the polisher didn’t hurt, but tickled the teeth. After Rob was done, Sam got in the magic chair and went for a ride. He thought that was cool. He had to try all the buttons on all the equipment and was quite disappointed that he couldn’t use the x-ray machine. (We did look at Rob’s x-rays to see what teeth look like in a picture.)

After the hygienist counted all of his teeth, Sam held his hands up and said, “Huh. No cavities!” He held “Mr. Thirsty,” the suction thingy, throughout his appointment, holding it over his head, so he could see the on/off switch, nearly knocking the hygienist in the face. Every couple of minutes, Sam asked, “Is it time to tickle my teeth now?” When it was finally time, the hygienist started rattling off the polish flavor options — cherry, strawberry, orange, blueberry, cookie dough — and Sam said, “Oh, I’ll have cookie dough.” Ha! This coming from the kid who is lukewarm about chocolate! I said, “Sam, do you want cherry or strawberry?” He looked and me and said, “I’ll have orange.” (Adolescence is going to be a trip, huh?)

He made it through the entire appointment — counting, scraping, polishing, everything. Rob and I were so proud of him.


A Surprise Treat April 3, 2011

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Guess who has slept through the night three nights in a row? That’s right, our resident princess Anna! She has slept six, then seven, then eight hours. It’s pretty amazing for Rob and I to sleep that many hours in a row. Since we’ve been in Appleton, Anna has been sleeping in a crib with a real mattress, instead of a Pack N’ Play. It may be a coincidence, but Rob said that if she doesn’t repeat the long hours at home, he’s setting up the crib in our room. “She’s a rather stout child, ” he said, “she may just need more support than the Pack N’ Play can provide.” Whatever it is, it’s lovely. What a treat!


Holy Cannoli! March 9, 2011

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Guess who rolled from her tummy to her back! Twice!

UPDATE 3/15/11: She did it again tonight — three times!


Anna’s First Tub Time March 8, 2011

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Anna had her first bath in her baby tub on February 26th (posted a little late, but there it is — Two Kid Syndrome). At first she wasn’t so sure about it. See? She’s peeking with just one eye, wondering if it’s safe to look.

Well, she decided baths are good. Baths are fun. And washing hair is worth singing about!