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Confirmation December 5, 2011

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Well, Anna had her nine-month appointment today. She is 23 pounds, 10 ounces (97th percentile) and 30.9 inches long (99th percentile). This confirms what we’ve thought in the past couple of months: she is skinnier and longer than a few months ago. She now has a neck! This is good news, since necks are important for lots of things, like looking around corners, and checking blind spots while driving. (Although, that’s not going to matter for a while, because Anna isn’t going to drive until she’s 28, right before she starts dating at 29.)

Dr. Roberts also said that she is thoroughly impressed with Anna. She said she acts more like a one-year-old than a nine-month-old, and is “very advanced in all areas of development.” I’m a proud, proud mommy.


Anna, Month Nine November 17, 2011

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Dear Anna,

What a month it’s been! You’re marching along toward toddlerhood, what with all the new skills you’re practicing. In fact, on Monday, you were video-chatting with your uncle Pete and Unca-Doo and showed off a brand new skill — standing alone. All of a sudden, you were standing next to me, saying, “ba ba ba” like it was no big deal. But it was a big deal, Anna. I was so excited, I nearly dropped the phone!

You’re also cruising the furniture. You like to stand at your musical activity table, then move to the couch, then go back to the table. Moving while upright is quite fascinating for you. You have really mastered walking while holding onto our hands, too. I know the day where you take off on your own is fast approaching.

The funny thing is, you still won’t crawl. You army crawl with great speed, especially if it’s toward the forbidden fruits that are Sam’s toys, but just won’t get up on your hands. I know you can do it — I’ve seen you! — but I think it’s more important to you to get to Point B quickly. Let’s face it: you get about 2.7 seconds with Sam’s Buzz Lightyear before he snatches it away from you, only to replace it with a boring stuffed giraffe or rattle. I mean, that rattle doesn’t have wings that shoot out or a laser on its arm or anything! Poor Anna.

You’ve also decided this month that you do, indeed, like to have a pacifier for bedtime. Most of the time, you want to share your pacifier with me, offering it up with a “luh,” as if to say, “Mommy, you can have a turn. I think you’ll like it.” Thanks, Anna. I pretend to have a turn, then give it back to you. You’re satisfied with that for a few seconds, then really want to share again. You’re such a nice girl! I think Daddy’s favorite part about this is that you will also drink from a bottle. He’s been waiting and waiting your whole life to get to feed you! Thanks for giving him that chance before you’re too big for bottles. He loves you so, so much.

Speaking of eating, you are a hungry bird! You still want to eat your food all by yourself, and will only tolerate cereal or other pureed baby food if we can sneak it in between bites of steamed veggies or fruit. You must be growing right now, because this week you ate a whole avocado, some chicken pot pie, and a half cup of baby oatmeal in one meal! I was astounded. I think chicken pot pie is your favorite food right now. You cannot get it into your mouth fast enough. You will sometimes say, “Mmmmmm” when you eat, and you can sign “more” and “all done” to let us know how you’re feeling. Oh, and if we’re not paying attention to your “all done” sign, you bat the spoon full of baby food out of the way, flinging cereal all over yourself and the highchair. It’s great fun.

Your language has really changed this month, too. You’re still practicing one syllable at a time, but also have a few “words” in your repertoire. This week, your syllable of choice is “luh.” Everything is “luh.” Show me a toy. “Luh.” Wave hello from your crib after a nap. “Luh.” But when I ask you, “Anna, what does the horse say?” you whinny a high-pitched, “Lllllllll!” If I ask you to sing, you’ll say “aahhhhh” in a high sing-song voice. And you perform great, loud monologues of “Ba ba ba ba ba ba.” But my favorite thing, by far, is that you said mama. I was holding you, ba-ba-ba-ing with you, when I asked,”Anna, can you say Mama?” And you looked right at me and very quietly said, “Mama.” I will never forget the look on your little face as you said my name for the very first time.

You are so affectionate, Anna. You want nothing more than to be with us and snuggle. If I ask, “Anna, can I have a hug?” you will lean in and snuggle your face into my neck. Sam especially loves your hugs. He is so happy that you understand him and respond with affection. He is so proud to be your big brother, and you very obviously love him to pieces. There is no greater joy for me than to watch you and Sam play together, giggle together, and become friends. You are the best little sister to the best big brother. I am so incredibly proud and grateful to witness your friendship as siblings grow, knowing that you will always have each other to love and lean on. You have made our family complete, Anna, and we are so grateful to share this life with you.



Sam Has Something to Say March 12, 2009

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(This is from 2/21/09. I’m slow to post it.)


Table Food March 10, 2009

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In February, we were gently admonished by the pediatrician that we hadn’t yet started giving him more table food. She said, “He should be eating primarily table food by the time he’s a year. You need to get started.” And so we have. And Sam is pretty happy about the whole thing. I think he was bored with baby food. In fact, he’d prefer that a baby spoon never touch his lips again. (But a big-person spoon! Yes! He’ll have more of that, thank you.) So. What has Sam tried? Well, he’s had elbow macaroni with a little bit of butter, Cheerios soaked in a little milk to soften them, chunks of banana and avocado, shredded cheese (his new favorite thing in life), veggies cooked beyond recognition (his favorites are those that have come out of soup), graham crackers (another new favorite).

Just when I had the baby food down to a science, he’s on to something new. Now, I don’t know what consists of a good meal. Did he get enough? I give up when he’s throwing his head around and smearing food all over his tray. I figure he knows better than I do when he’s full. He hasn’t been introduced to the Super Sized Nation yet. 🙂


Best Prize Ever March 4, 2009

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Yesterday, the three of us were up in our bed goofing around. Rob was holding Sam. He said, “Sam, where’s Mommy?” And Sam turned his head and looked straight at me. I almost died. Then, when Sam looked back to Rob, he did it again.

“Sam, Where’s Mommy?”

Zoom. Straight to me. And then I melted into a big puddle of love.


Nine-Month Appointment March 3, 2009

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Sam went to the pediatrician on Friday for his 9-month check-up. He had so much fun in the waiting room looking at the two babies that were waiting with us. He kept reaching for them and saying, “Ah!!” He seemed genuinely disappointed when one baby was called in for her appointment.

While we waited for Dr. Lane, Sam couldn’t believe that he was being allowed to rip the paper covering on the exam table. We tied a bandana around his head, he flung paper around. It was a goooood time! He had no fear of Dr. Lane or the nurse who gave him his polio vaccine. He’s a very social little creature. Even Dr. Lane commented on how happy and playful he was with her. She had nothing but good things to say about him and gave us some advice on bedtime routines and eating (he should be eating all solid foods by his first birthday!!). And here are the measurements:

30 inches long (over the 95th percentile!)
21 lbs. 10 oz. (just under the 75th percentile)

Apparently, if all stays the same, he’s going to be tall and skinny — like a certain father of his. 🙂

So all is well and he doesn’t return until he’s a year old. Weird, huh? How fast time goes…


Worry Wart March 1, 2009

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I have the Englund worry gene. I recognize this — they say that’s the first step in recovery — but I can’t always quell it. It does not interfere with my daily living. I can function without having to curl up in the fetal position once or twice a day. I don’t even do it every month! But there are things I worry about, and Sam has the lucky position of being my main source of worry. Here are some things that make me anxious:

1. Sam won’t eat. He used to eat a jar of baby food and a cup of baby cereal. Now it’s a good meal when I get half a jar of baby food in him. I’m trying to introduce some solid foods — bananas, graham crackers, noodles, pieces of squishy vegetables — but he doesn’t really like them. He thrashes his head around like I’m trying to punch him in the nose when I offer him food. Because of this lack of eating, I go right to failure to thrive because of cancer or an intestinal disorder or some awful illness. I realize that the chances of it being anything like that are miniscule, but it still crosses my mind.

2. Sam’s language is delayed. He has just started saying mamamama babababa when the baby books say he should have been doing that last month. Everyone says I’m crazy, which I realize is true. Rob, the pediatrician, the little voice inside my head, they all say it’s absurd, but I still think about it once in a while, even though I know he’s doing just fine.

3. He will choke on something (see previous post on FBA) and I have to do CPR and I can’t remember how to do it on an infant. This is a ridiculous one, because I have been trained in CPR for about ten years and it would come to me if I ever needed to use it, but I have a dream like this at least once a month. Sometimes it’s Sam and sometimes it’s a terrible car accident with strangers and I am the first one on the scene and have to save the people in the car, but I can’t remember how many breaths or compressions to do so I freeze and everyone dies. Ha ha. You can laugh, it’s funny.

BUT. Yes, there’s a but. There’s a list of things I don’t worry about anymore.

A. I don’t worry about SIDS. I can’t get the kid to lie down in his crib, so the fact that he might not get enough oxygen because his face is buried in the mattress is absolutely ridiculous to lose sleep over anymore.

B. I don’t worry that he’s autistic. It was a fear. It was the only reason I was hesitant to have a boy (because it’s more prevalent in boys). It’s not on my radar anymore. He’s doing fine.

C. I don’t worry about illnesses like colds, the stomach flu, etc., sending us to the hospital. He’s getting so big that he’s more likely to handle them.

I know this probably makes me sound a little bit psycho, but the majority of my brain knows that everything is fine. It’s just that little part that seems so loud once in a while. And if any of you out there on the World Wide Web know how to get a baby to eat, feel free to share those tips in the comments section. Thank you in advance.