One Fish, Two Fish

Food Land October 6, 2008

rice cereal — you love it!
peas — at first you cried, but after I made it more smooth, you open your mouth like a little bird.
avocado — a hit! You don’t mind the little chunks.
peaches — not a fan. Do you think it’s too sweet? I say we go back to the avocado!
bananas — b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Gwen Stefani would approve of your fondness for bananas.
squash — You’re a huge fan of squash. In fact, you turned your head away from rice cereal unless it had a little squash on the spoon with it. UPDATE: Squash makes your tummy hurt. You don’t sleep well after eating squash. Maybe in a couple of months we’ll try again.
pears — These are your favorite fruit. You gobble up the pears.
carrots — You pursed your lips with the first bite. After about five bites, you started pushing the carrots out with your tongue. Maybe next time you’ll be a little more excited. Upon third revisit to carrots, you eat them begrudgingly.
pears with blueberries — Umm, not so much. And I agree. I tried a little. This summer I will give you real blueberries and you can see what you think about the real thing.
green beans — Surprisingly enough, you love green beans!
prunes — LOVE the prunes. Maybe it was all the prunes I ate while you were in utero…
sweet potatoes — Oh Mommy, what was life like before sweet potatoes? Yummmm.
vegetable beef soup broth — I have never seen you turn more red and gag so hard as when I gave you a spoonful of lovingly made soup. I tried again the next day and your eyes watered and you gagged and spit it out like I was making you eat poop.
summer vegetable dinner — zucchini, corn, green beans, peas, and garbanzo beans. You absolutely loved it!
multigrain cereal — You are no longer into rice cereal. But multigrain cereal? Mmmmmm!
sweet potatoes with cinnamon — Your first spice! You love it!
apple turkey cranberry — Another hit! Is there anything you won’t eat?
steamed blueberries — What was life like before blueberries? And why won’t Mommy let you eat them alone? Because they STAIN.

rice cereal — You let it run out of your mouth and said, “ehhhh.” You’re not a fan at ALL.
bananas — Ugh. Worse than rice cereal, if your shudder is any indication.
sweet potatoes — OK, sweet potatoes are tolerable. Yes! We’ve found a food you’ll eat! And you like your baby food cold.
pears — No thank you to pears, you say.
peas — Peas are a total injustice. You look at me as if to say, “What is this?”
peaches — You LOVE peaches! You love to eat fresh slices of peach in your feeder, most of all.
prunes — Prunes are ok.
applesauce — You prefer the applesauce to be chunkier than the totally smooth pureed stuff. I think you’re going to take off when you can eat something other than pureed baby food.
Peach oatmeal banana — LOVE. Oh, how you love this blend! It must be the peaches. 🙂
carrots — You like carrots. They’re better than peas, that’s for sure!


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