One Fish, Two Fish

Wings August 31, 2011

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Tonight I watched from the driveway as Sam ran down the block to play with his friends at their house. He ran, arms tucked in and pumping at his sides, little feet running as fast as he could toward his playmates. My heart flew with him, as his first tiny wings of independence sprouted… and then I let go. Fly, baby boy, fly. I love you.


Anna, Month Six August 17, 2011

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Dear Anna,

How can we be here already? Here at the six-month mark, half a year since the miraculous day of your birth. Everyone said, “When your second child is born, your heart grows and makes more room for love.” What they didn’t say is that my heart nearly bursts every time I see your little face brighten with a smile. You are simply delightful, Anna, and I am grateful every day for the gift of being your mommy.

You’re growing up entirely too quickly, baby girl. You have two teeth. Two! They sprouted at almost the same time, just one day apart. If your demeanor during that process is any indication, you are going to be a very happy teether. There was one night that you just wouldn’t sleep. Daddy even took you on a car ride at two in the morning to try to get you to fall asleep. He brought you back into the house and said, “Maybe she’s getting a tooth. She’s drooling and chomping on everything!” So I gave you some Tylenol, and — voila! — you fell asleep in less than an hour. The funniest thing is, we should have known a tooth was coming, because that day, you started doing the stridorous gasping sound that Sam used to make when he was teething! How funny!

The other big-girl activity you’ve mastered is sitting on your own. Oh, how you love to sit on your quilt and reach for toys. You fold yourself in half in order to reach the farthest ones and then sit right back up. It’s amazing how flexible you are. Sometimes you get so excited about something (usually it’s Sam!), you flail your arms over your head and fling yourself backwards. It’s a surprise, but more often than not, you’ll just flip over and play on your tummy.

We spent much of the last month away from home. You are a happy traveler, Anna. You don’t mind your car seat and are happy to squeal in the back seat and gnaw on Sophie the giraffe. However, if it gets dark while you’re asleep and you wake to that darkness, you FLIP out! Yes Anna, you are afraid of the dark. We’ve learned this the hard way and now turn on the light over your seat so you can wake to the light. I’m sorry we were slow learners, Banana.

You are growing and changing before my very eyes, sweet girl. I am so excited to watch you learn to propel yourself forward into the world of locomotion and take off into the wide world. Until that time, I will steal an extra snuggle in the morning and rock you for a few extra minutes at night, tucking away some memories with you, my bestest baby Anna Leigh.



Toofies! And Sitting! And Scooting! August 8, 2011

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Our little baby girl is growing up faster than you can imagine. She has two — TWO! — teeth coming in! Her two bottom front teeth are slowly making their way through her little swollen gums. She remains her joyful self, though falling asleep has been a little more difficult.

Anna is also sitting up by herself. I can’t even believe it. She still falls over if she gets excited or her muscles get tired, but she is doing it! She is very proud of herself.

And. Anna is scooting on her belly. It was a mouth-hanging-to-the-ground-I-CANNOT-believe-what-I-am-seeing moment. She is very slow, but very determined. DO you know what this means? We no longer have a cute little lump. She’s mobile!