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Turning the Corner May 19, 2009

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Before you read this, you had better sit down, because you’re in for a shock.

Are you sitting?

Sam has slept through the night three of the last four nights. And I mean eight hours or more in a row. He wakes up soaked in his own urine, but he sleeps. I think we’ll have to increase the size of his diaper for night time, because the poor kid shouldn’t have to wake because he’s wet and cold and stinky. ROb and I don’t know what to do with all of this uninterrupted sleep. I think we’re currently more lethargic than normal, because we’re no longer in survival mode and getting all of this good sleep. Awesome.

In other news, we had an open house on Sunday. Only four groups (plus one curious neighbor) came through the house. We were disappointed in that, but our realtor said that they did two open houses yesterday where no one came at all. So I guess we should be grateful for our four people. Three of the four groups expressed some interest, so we just need to keep our fingers crossed that someone wants to buy it!

Tomorrow we leave for Michigan to look at houses there. It will be our first trip to the area as soon-to-be residents, so we’ll be looking with a more discerning eye at neighborhoods, looking for that perfect spot where we will be happy and find some friends. That would be nice. 🙂

And, last but not least, Finley Scott was born on Saturday. He is the beeeaauuutiful baby boy of the lovely Caitlin and Jon. We are beside ourselves with excitement and cannot wait to meet him! Sam is going to love him and we will do our very best to keep him from squishing him too hard.


Birthday Extravaganza! May 14, 2009

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Sam had a great birthday. Rob’s parents came to help us celebrate, too. We went to the park, I baked a cake, we sang, smashed the cake, ate the cake, opened presents, then crashed. All of us. We learned the hard way that Sam and cake are not a good combination; sleeping was rough last night. He woke up at 2:30 a.m., ready for the day. After having a bottle, then throwing it up all over himself and Rob, he played downstairs with Rob until 4:30, when he crashed until 10:00 a.m. It was a rough night. But we had a blast! Here is some photographic evidence of the fun and destruction.


Party hats! Sam is not a fan. It lasted about two and a half minutes.

Here’s the ball popper from Uncle Ang. He had just woken up in this one and wasn’t quite awake. He finds this thing hysterical and belly laughs really hard as he tries to catch the little balls as they pop into the air.

The bead box from Mommy and Daddy

Cake. I have much to learn about decorating cakes.

Cake with candle.

Aaaand destruction…


Month Twelve May 13, 2009

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Dear Sam,

This is the big one. You are one year old. It’s a strange thing, as a parent, to think that you have been in this world for 365 days, and yet, it still feels like yesterday that I stayed up with you all night the first night of your life just watching you. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I still don’t. The novelty hasn’t worn off: you’re still my favorite entertainment.


And what a ham you are, Sam! One of your best tricks this month is your little closed-mouth giggle. Hmm-hm-hm-hm, you say. You find everything amusing, so we get to hear it a lot. I have a feeling that when you’re about five years old, Daddy and I are going to know every school-age joke ever told. We’ll hear “Mom! Dad! Knock knock!” endlessly from the back seat of the car. I can’t wait.


Speaking of “can’t wait,” we’re still waiting for your first word. You “name” everything you see with an , “Ah!” or “A-ba!” But there are no official words to speak of yet. But boy, Peanut, you understand everything! You follow commands very well, including my favorite, “Come here, Sam, let’s change your diaper.” Sometimes you trot over and willingly submit to a diaper change. Sometimes you squeal and run in the other direction. You love to be chased. I think it might be your favorite game. I reach out my arms and run after you saying, “I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!” You laugh and laugh and sometimes run into my arms instead of away from me. Being gotten is as fun as being chased.


You love to be outside and therefore love spring. Daddy and I have taken you to Twin Lakes Park to walk around the lake and play on the playground. It seems you love to go down the slide! Parent A stays behind you while you climb to the top of the equipment, then we get you settled at the top of the slide, and Ready-Set-Go! you slide down all by yourself to the waiting arms of Parent B. You kind of lie on your back with your arms stretched out like a bird as you go down. Daddy and I take turns catching you, so we can see your big grin on the way down.



And though the slide is fun, your favorite thing about going to the park is seeing other kids. You’ll play with anyone who will have you, but you prefer kids close to your size. You walk up to them, touch their tummies, and say, “Ah.” Sometimes, if you’re especially taken with someone (like the little red-haired girl last weekend), you lean in for a hug or a kiss.



Now you have your first real tennis shoes. They make you looks like such a big boy. Gone are the soft-soled baby shoes. Now you are one! You are a big boy! A toddler! The first time we put them on your feet, you stood there in the Stride Rite store, lifting each foot, then bending down to touch the laces, and finally marching around the store, testing them out. You definitely love your big boy shoes.


You are the nicest boy, Sam. You still give kisses when it suits you. Sometimes you are quite giving and my clothes are polka-dotted with spit marks. Other times, I ask for a kiss and you graciously offer your forehead for me to plant one on you. The best thing is that you blow kisses now. Kind of. When asked, you will put your whole hand to your mouth and lick your hand. This is not to be confused with beeping your nose, which consists of putting your whole hand on your nose. No licks. It sometimes takes a keen eye to decipher which is which.


You hair is really filling in, Sam. It nearly completely covers your scalp now! And with the coming of spring and its humidity, suddenly you have little curls. Little blond ringlets all around the base of your head. They are adorable. I’m going to have a hard time cutting those off someday.


Your favorite toys are balls. You like to lift them over your head and throw them. Sometimes they go pretty far and you just grin and chase after it. Other times, you drop it behind you then spin around to find it. Either way, it’s a great time. And finally — FINALLY! — you like to load containers. I have been picking up strewn-about toys for months, only to have you unload the container before I have finished. Now, you take them out and then — ta da! — put them back in.
It’s h-u-g-e.


Your interest in books has waned a bit. Well, that’s not quite true. Your interest in reading books has waned. You like to throw them, and stand on them, and rip out the pages. Almost every one of your lift-the-flap books has had a flap or two ripped out. I have repaired those flaps and reinforced the still-intact ones with packing tape. When we try to read you books now, they go something like this: Brown bear, brown b–. Yellow duck, yell–. Purple green, uh, sheep, the end! Slam goes the last page and down you wriggle from my lap to move move move, flapping your arms, dancing, bouncing, running, peeking, rolling, and climbing.




I wish I could remember every little moment of this first year with you, Sam. I know that five-ten-twenty years from now, I will remember the big things, like when you crawled and walked and talked, but what day did you first put your arms up to be held? What time was it when you played peekaboo for the first time? I wish I could remember every single thing. But I will always remember your newborn scent, the little grunts and wiggles of your babyhood. I will hold in my heart the pride I felt watching you army crawl for the first time, pulling yourself up, taking your first steps. I will remember walking up the stairs, cheek to cheek, to put you down for a nappy-noo-noo. I will remember the feel of your little arms wrapped around my neck, your face buried in my neck. When I am old and gray, those baby smiles will be reflected in your grown-up face, always and forever my baby Sam.

Happy birthday, baby boy.





Silence May 7, 2009

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You may have noticed the marked decrease in blog posts here on Sam I Am. It’s true, I haven’t been writing as much (ok, not even close) as I used to. The thing is, I’ve been spending the last month chasing after a little boy with more energy than he knows what to do with, and blogging is low on the priority totem pole when I have a break. I just haven’t felt like writing.

And it’s not like there isn’t anything to write about. There is! My mom (newly christened as Nonny), Christine, and Sophie came to visit. And it was soooo fun. Sam and Sophie are hysterical together. Sam kisses her all day long, takes away every toy she tries to play with, and generally causes mayhem on and around her. Fortunately, she’s a tough cookie and fights-grabs-pokes back as much as she can. There’s no doubt that she is going to be an equal adversary in a year or so. It would behoove Sam to watch his back. And probably his front, too. She’s wily, that Sophie. 🙂

Then there’s that little thing called We’re-moving-to-Michigan. Rob accepted a position at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. All three of us went to MI for Rob’s interview (no, not to the actual interview, but wouldn’t that have been funny) and felt seriously at home in south central Michigan. It’s waaaaay closer to our families and it’s a great opportunity for Rob to build the voice program that he has always dreamed of. It’s going to be great. We will not live in Ypsilanti, because who really wants to spell that on a regular basis? No, it’s because the school system isn’t that great and this is something that we have to think about now. Ann Arbor or Saline, MI will be our new home. Two great school districts, two great communities. All fifteen minutes from Ypsi. Yes, Ypsi. We are trying out the lingo.

And Bumpa is sick. He has cancer and it’s not a pretty picture. Sam and I were there for a week last week and I was happily surprised that he looked much better than my worst-case-scenario mind had pictured him. It’s not something I’m going to write about here, because frankly, it makes me sad and I don’t want to have lots of e-conversations about it. But it’s part of the everything that’s been happening. I hope to be in the midwest a lot this summer so we can spend a lot of time with him before school starts in the fall.

There are lots of changes here. Changes in Sam, who will be one in just a few days. Changes in housing, yet to be determined. Changes in home decor and landscaping, as we try to sell this little Greensburg house. Changes in our stress levels with all the new and unknown things that will happen this summer.

So we wait. We wait for houses to be bought and sold (though hopefully in reverse order), we wait for babies to be born (not mine, but others in the family). We hope. We hope for time to do all the things we want and need to do this summer. And we pray. We pray for health and good days and sanity and lots of sunshine for all those who need it to weather their storms.